Backbone Posts Page (proposal)

A Backbone.js version of the posts page.

Features include:

  • Live (or “instant”) filtering for categories & tags, including select2 integration for easier tag/category picking
  • Live search with suggestions; date pickers for date filtering
  • A scrollbar with dynamic loading (pagination optional)
  • Responsive design, resizable columns
  • Live switching to display of excerpts
  • Live updating of post and comment counts
  • Compatibility with all existing hooks


backbone-posts mockup

  1. Live updating of post counts
  2. Live search
  3. Bulk actions take effect immediately (no page refresh)
  4. Dates range with pickers, Category and Tag filtering with select2, dynamic loading
  5. Both view modes supported (with or without excerpts)
  6. Live pagination
  7. Edit opens to exiting edit page
  8. Live updating of comment counts (heartbeat)
  9. Lazy load scrollbar
  10. All hooks remain in place, pass data from PHP